Intelligence Solutions

Initiation and development of operational and intelligence concepts:

  • Integration of multi-disciplinary intelligence sources for building a comprehensive intelligence picture at the National and Joint level.

  • C4ISTAR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance) centers and cell structures, systems and processes.

  • SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) collection and analysis.

  • IMINT (Imagery Intelligence) exploitation centers and system structures, processes and products.

  • IMINT (EO, IR, SAR, Video) collection, exploitation and products.

  • Intelligence systems, processes and products for ORBAT and operations.

  • Knowledge management.

  • Data-mining.

  • UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) solutions for broad military and civilian aspects for intelligence and other operational needs.

  • Tactical multi-source data-integration.

Detailed ORD (Operational Requirement Document), characterizations and design:

  • Multi-source intelligence systems and applications.

  • IMINT exploitation systems and applications.

  • HLS, Safe City, IT, Situational awareness and C4I systems.

  • Unmanned systems and applications.

  • Reconnaissance assets and exploitation systems.

  • Collection assets Management systems.

  • Operational centers construction.

Full-Scale project management - from ORD to implementation.

Strategic Solutions

  • Shaping the strategic objectives of organizations.

  • Development of creative thinking tools and methodologies aiming at addressing complex issues and situations.

  • Accompanying and facilitating strategic teams and workshops in analyzing and directing the strategic objectives and concepts.

  • Planning and shaping the customers' R&D efforts in various areas.

  • Analyzing intelligence needs and development of intelligence processes in organizations.

  • Supporting the decision making process and ability to make a choice between different alternatives by a feasibility study, through running scenarios, simulations & war games.


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